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Top 20 Gaming Sound FX

Recently I came across this online video show of The Game Heroes. They’ve compiled a top 20 of video game sound effects (not music, not speech). They should have added that all examples come from retro games: their focus is merely on the legendary sound icons of 8 bit console games. But still it’s interesting to see they mention sound effects for their effect on the game play experience.

Recently, Richard and I created the Best Game Sound AnswerGarden. Have a look and see what other visitors consider as good game sound. In this garden we see some more recent games like Portal, although this game does of course benefit from its speaking computer (considered by Game Heroes as speech) and game music.

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Various sound resources for game design and interaction design students

I teach audio design to game designers and interaction designers at the Utrecht of the Arts. Here are some valuable links for finding audio material and some tools. In case you have something valuable to add, you know where to find the comments section.

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Cool field recording examples

A very cool example of field recording of remarkable sounds from real objects. By Jean-Edouard Miclot.

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