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[Dutch] Control Magazine

The Dutch Control Magazine has published 6 interesting items on game music. The articles have also been published on the Control Magazine website. The articles have been written in Dutch, but perhaps Google Translate can help you understand the articles. For your convenience, there’s a [T] after the links leading you to an English translation.

  1. Het bijzondere verhaal achter de prachtige menu-muziek van Killzone 3 [T]
  2. Mooie gamesmuziek: mag dat? [T]
  3. Lost in translation: begrijpen developers en componisten elkaar wel? [T]
  4. Interactieve gamesmuziek: de adaptieve oplossing [T]
  5. Vier initiatieven en events over gamesmuziek [T]
  6. Beluister 5 unieke, muzikale pitches [T]

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Ur Zoo Social Game Music Composition Competition

Ur Zoo

The game studio FluffyLogic invites you to create some original music for their new social game Ur Zoo.

The lucky winner’s music will feature in the game and their name will appear in the game credits!


NL: Symposium Videogame Music: Play, Fans, Space

music symposium

Pointer to a symposium in the Netherlands:


13 September 2011
Utrecht University, NL
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NL: Lecture about the music of Iron Grip – the game

For your information: a lecture in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

28 July the music of Iron Grip, the game by Tim van Geel, componist and designer ISOTX.
15:30, Dutch Game Garden, Neude 5, Utrecht

Sign up: martine [AT]