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Connect an Xperia to Win 7 – Mac OSX [Solved – Fix]

After working with my Sony Xperia for several weeks, all of a sudden it failed to connect to my computers. This is a very simple fix.

  1. Disconnect the Sony Xperia S from the PC.
  2. Turn off USB debugging if it’s enabled:
    Menu > Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging
  3. Clear data for the MTPapp in the phone.
    Menu > Settings > Applications > Manage applications > All > Mtpapp

Sound Inspiration – Sound Levitation and Solid Water Videos

Two great videos of sound inspiration I’ve been wanting to post for a long time…

Acoustic Levitation
Yes, it’s possible to use magnetism to make frogs float. Everyone knows that. But did you know you can use sound to make liquids and solid objects float in the air by exposure to intense sound waves?

Solid Water
Now this one is stunning…the vibration in the water by a sine tone of 24 Hz and the video framerate of 24 fps make the water stand still.

More to be added if there’s more to be added.

Music makes us dance

Music can be truly captivating. It has the wonderful ability to pursuade us to connect to our inner selves. This video of a woman waiting at a bus stop is fascinating. She’s trying to resist the urge to dance and conform to regular behaviour. I love what music does to people!

And should you read this Mrs. or Ms. Bus stop dancing queen, please keep on dancing!

The Game Developer and Audio Designer Handshake

The collaboration between game designers and audio designers is something I’ve been interested in for a long time…and a while ago I published an article about an HKU-research project focusing on the cooperation between these two parties.

The video below, kindly sent to me by Tom, shows a panel discussion featured at Casual Connect Seattle (July 2012) about exactly this topic. I just love the word handshake in this context, as it’s spot on for the ideal collaboration. Might be a video just for you, dear Captivating Sound reader!

Communication between developer and external audio team has never been more important. This discussion will highlight the materials needed to properly execute a project, our process as audio designers, why it’s important for the developer to understand this, and how we can improve the audio experience. The panel features a cross-section of audio designers, all with a unique perspective on interfacing with the developer.

Unity Audio Time Saver: changing import settings for multiple audio files

Edit: Unity5 supports changing multiple settings, so this post becomes obsolete!

Multiple-object editing not supported.

Multiple-object editing not supported. RSI!

Ever wondered why it’s not possible in Unity3d to change the sound settings of multiple sound assets at the same time? Unlike other importers, you get the “multiple-object editing not supported” notification if you try to do this.
Recently I came across this forum post outlaying a script that allows you to select various sound assets and apply the same setting for all selected files. So now you can toggle 100 sound files to 2d mode instead of 3d without mindlessly pressing that apply button 100 times!

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