Many plugins and especially SynthEdit plugins cause problems on my Windows 7 computer

Fix for SynthEdit plugins in Windows 7 – Tracktion 4 – SSD

I just found the solution for my problems with some plugins. I have an SSD and my plugins are on the SSD (fast loading) while my programs folder is on E:\ (more disk space for programs folder) – fast HD. Apparently, the default permissions of this folder caused all SynthEdit plugins to crash Tracktion. This solved my problems:

Vista and Windows 7 users

By default Windows 7 and Vista do not allow saving to your VST Plugins folder. This prevents SynthEdit VSTs from extracting embedded SEMs to disk. You can fix this by changing the folder’s Permissions:
– Use Windows Explorer to browse to your VST Plugins folder.
– Right-click the folder – ‘Properties’
– Choose ‘Security’ tab.
– Click ‘EDIT’ (You may need to click a UAC prompt).
– Select username “Users”.
– Tick options Allow ‘Write’ and ‘Modify’.
– To finish Select ‘OK’ to close the two dialog boxes.


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