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GUI style for Tracktion 4 (colour scheme)

Tracktion 4 Editor Captivating Sound v1 color scheme

Tracktion 4 Editor Captivating Sound v1 color scheme

Some years ago, when Logic stopped supporting Windows users, I decided to go for the  Tracktion digital audio workstation software. After the software had been acquired by Mackie, updates started to become a rarity and after a while, there was no communication at all about the software by Mackie at all. It seemed to become abandonware but I kept using it, because it works fast and somehow stimulates a creative workflow as you’re not continuously changing screens and the routing flexibilities. Now after almost six years (!) of silence, the initiators have parted from Mackie, formed a new company and surprised me with the release of version 4. Just in time, as I was just about to consider a switch to Reaper…now let’s see if Tracktion can catch up with the other software out there!

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How it’s done at EA Audio Design

In this short sneak peek video, Jesse James Allen explains three basic technical models for incorporating adaptive music in games: trigger path (also horizontal resequencing), vertical mix (also vertical reorchestration) and runtime remix (a fresh term). Nice to know how it’s done at EA.

[Thanks at DutchGameMusic for the pointer]

(Dutch) Vacature Docent Sound Design voor Games

For your information, a job offer in NL for Sound Design for Games. More below the line…in Dutch!

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Austin Wintory and Tomáš Dvořák at Indievelopment in Amsterdam

Just a quick pointer about a special opportunity for those living in The Netherlands: the two acclaimed composers Austin Wintory (Journey and flOw) and Tomáš Dvořák (Machinarium) will present at the Dutch Indie Game Conference Indievelopment (25 April 2013).

Tickets are €10 (incl. lunch) and the event will take place during the Festival of Games at De Overkant, Amsterdam.

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Live Indie Game Concert in The Netherlands

Last Saturday I visited the Live Indie Game Concert organised by DutchGameMusic. A world first! The following tracks were performed by LUDWIG:
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Availability of Compass, Gyroscope and Accelerometer in iOS devices.

If I’m correctly informed, this is the availability of the Compass, Gyroscope and Accelerometer on various iOS devices.
iPhone 3G iPhone 3GS iPhone 4 iPhone 4s iPhone 5 iPad 1 iPad 2,3,4 iPad Mini iPod 3 iPod 4 iPod 5
Com. x x x x x x x
Gyro x x x x x x x
Accel. x x x x x x x x x x x

Tug of Gore

This weekend, I participated with four other great designers in the Global Game Jam 2013. We made an iPad game called Tug of Gore in less than 48 hours. The goal is to pull and stretch Gore against 3 other players.

Below you find the trailer. Video sound was done in 2 minutes…we were running out of time and the only way to finish the trailer in time was to take a microphone and press record!

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Interactive Music Theory

Cell-based music / Horizontal Re-sequencing, simple and a more complex example.

I found some theory about interactive, adaptive, nonlinear game music that hasn’t been posted on Captivating Sound yet. It’s an oldie from 2011 by Than van Nispen tot Pannerden, Sander Huiberts, Sebastiaan Donders and Stan Koch.

Interactive music, in e.g. video games, often tends to be complex both in the creative and the technological part. Video games, that have any interactivity connected to the music, often have simplistic music and music technology. The sounding results vary greatly in quality, both in musical aesthetics and in interactive meaningfulness.

One of the interactive music strategies available is horizontal re-sequencing. In this paper experiences with a simple nonlinear music player (the nln-player), using this strategy, are being presented.

van Nispen tot Pannerden, T., Huiberts, S., Donders, S., & Koch, S. 2011, The nln-player: A system for nonlinear music in games. Paper presented at Proceedings of the International Computer Music Conference 2011, University of Huddersfield, England.


Gluddle Nominated for Best Dutch Game 2012

Gluddle Nominated for Control Industry Award

Gluddle Nominated for Control Industry Award

Gluddle is nominated for best Dutch game 2012. Please help us and vote here: (scroll down to Het stemformulier – enter an email address at e-mailadres – select Gluddle – and press submit). Thanks a million!

Dutch lecturers give Boot Camp in Game Design: VietJam Game Jam in Vietnam

I just returned from the Vietjam! Game Jam – a game jam event we organised! We were on the Vietnam national television. Thanks everyone, it was so great!

Dutch Senior lecturers Sander Huiberts and Richard van Tol from the Utrecht School of the Arts, the Netherlands will work with a group of students of FPT-Arena Ho Chi Minh City from November 5-9 and FPT-Arena Hanoi from November 12-16 in a Game Design Boot Camp. Part of this Boot Camp, which is a combination of theory and practice, will be a 48 hours Game Jam.

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