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IEZA-framework at Wikipedia

Richard and I have added the IEZA framework for game audio on Wikipedia. This way everyone who uses IEZA can contribute to the further development of this framework and add his or her insights.

IEZA framework can be used to conceptualise the communication by means of game audio

IEZA framework can be used to conceptualise the communication by means of game audio

The URL is:

The King’s Speech

[not game audio, just plain audio]

Remember Colin Firth’s appearance in “The Kings Speech” (2010)? In this movie the king has severe problems with public speeches and I was really impressed hearing Colin Firth stammering in such a monotone manner. Some time ago I found an actual recording of King George VI opening an exhibition in Scotland and you can clearly see the reference to this original footage (please click the video if it doesn’t play). The speech starts after 2 minutes.

[Dutch] Control Magazine

The Dutch Control Magazine has published 6 interesting items on game music. The articles have also been published on the Control Magazine website. The articles have been written in Dutch, but perhaps Google Translate can help you understand the articles. For your convenience, there’s a [T] after the links leading you to an English translation.

  1. Het bijzondere verhaal achter de prachtige menu-muziek van Killzone 3 [T]
  2. Mooie gamesmuziek: mag dat? [T]
  3. Lost in translation: begrijpen developers en componisten elkaar wel? [T]
  4. Interactieve gamesmuziek: de adaptieve oplossing [T]
  5. Vier initiatieven en events over gamesmuziek [T]
  6. Beluister 5 unieke, muzikale pitches [T]

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Ur Zoo Social Game Music Composition Competition

Ur Zoo

The game studio FluffyLogic invites you to create some original music for their new social game Ur Zoo.

The lucky winner’s music will feature in the game and their name will appear in the game credits!


NL: Symposium Videogame Music: Play, Fans, Space

music symposium

Pointer to a symposium in the Netherlands:


13 September 2011
Utrecht University, NL
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NL: Lecture about the music of Iron Grip – the game

For your information: a lecture in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

28 July the music of Iron Grip, the game by Tim van Geel, componist and designer ISOTX.
15:30, Dutch Game Garden, Neude 5, Utrecht

Sign up: martine [AT]

Richard Dreyfuss reads the iTunes EULA

You probably know End User Licence Agreements: endless forms you must acept in order to be able to use a specific piece of software. On the following page, the American actor Richard Dreyfuss reads the iTunes EULA, and I think it sounds great!

Click to hear Richard Dreyfuss.

NLN-player: interactive music

At the Utrecht School of the Arts, the adaptive music systems research group investigates the design of music for non-linear contexts. Post-graduates that conducted research in this group have formed a company – GreenCouch – and recently they’ve sent me an example movie of one of their projects.

The example movie contains an explanation of the music system used in the Xbox-game Shortburst. It’s pretty self explanatory and shows the flexible system in real-time.

The description of the video:
“cell-based music”, or “horizontal resequencing” in a browser-based, simple, nln-player, with the music for the Xbox-game Shortburst.
The web-version of the nln-player was built with the Schillmania Soundmanager 2 library, php and javascript. The idea was to shift the focus from organising the musical material with, often complex, data-structures, to a very simple model in which the limitations for the composer were greater, but the administrative work and the needed understanding of (meta-)data was much less.
This same framework was used for the implementation of the interactive music in XNA5 for an Xbox game, Shortburst.

More information on and

Footsteps in Games

Just a quick pointer to a very profound article about footsteps in games. And check this video about the evolvement of footsteps in games:

Footsteps Retro Sound Study from lost lab on Vimeo.


PhD Thesis Captivating Sound: the Role of Audio for Immersion in Games

PhD award

PhD award

The word is out: I hereby present you my PhD thesis! After the final writeup in 2009, it took some time to get my viva arranged in August 2010. Sorry to keep you waiting…but now, it can be downloaded via this blog.

This thesis addresses the role of audio for immersion. Yep, the I-word…almost just as Impossible as it is Irresistible to designers. Yet, I’ve tried to come up with some useful theory for those who want to know more about the design of sound, music and speech in games and the conceptual decisions that are involved.

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