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Blind Games – The Next Battleground in Accessibility

Blind Games - The Next Battleground in Accessibility!

Blind Games – The Next Battleground in Accessibility!

Today appeared an article about blind gamers and audio games on! Not only is it a great article (written by David Moss) but it is also hoped that many folks in the industry get to read it. Everybody wants to safe the universe, blind gamers included.

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Designing for a blind target audience

Some pointers for those who are about to develop for a visually disabled target audience. My main tip: ask your users, they are the best experts on what they need or do not need!

Ever wondered how blind users use the iPhone 4s?

It’s been a while since we’ve seen an accessibility-related post here…but I came across this great video. you should see. Have you ever wondered whether blind users can use the iPhone and how that works? In that case, have a look at this explanation by Tommy Edison who shows that Apple actually did a great job making the visually oriented interface of the iPhone accessible in the auditory domain!

Audio-only menus

This post is about an old thesis written in 2002 for the Utrecht School of the Arts, School of Music and Technology.[1] It contains guidelines for the usability of audio-only menus. It’s written in Dutch and I’d like to share some insights that might be useful for designing audio menus or audio games.

In the past years, I’ve designed quite some audio menus for audio games and supervised projects that used audio-only interaction for blind users. Below I share some of my experiences concerning these menus, and include the original recommendations of the thesis.

illustration by zkukkuiz

illustration by zkukkuiz

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What blind gamers want the industry to know

This is a document Richard van Tol and I compiled in 2006 for the GDC’06. If you’re into the experiences of blind gamers, in relation to regular video games, it can be an interesting read. There are no conclusions, it is just a compilation. Feel free to draw your own conclusions…

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Gaming with a visual disability

This is an article about visually disabled gamers written by Richard van Tol and me for the project Game Accessibility. It can be used as a very basic reference to gain understanding of the properties of this target group and the challenges that exist when designing audio games. Also, several audio games that are useful to start with when you are interested in blind gaming are discussed.

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