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Old Skool! Suzanne Ciani – Game music for Pinball Arcade Machines

“In a moment we meet a musician whose playful experiments with electricity may be the forerunners of a new approach to both listening and learning…”

The man in the video below means…games! This video dating back from 1979 shows the work of Suzanne Ciani for the Bally’s Xenon pinball machine .


: Bally’s Xenon pinball machine in action

Oi! Gluddle 2.0 and Gluddle Lite Release – a game made by audio designers

Amsterdam, July 6, 2012 – Creative Heroes (Richard van Tol & Sander Huiberts) is happy to announce that the major 2.0 update to Gluddle and the free Lite version are available on the Apple Appstore.

“Gluddle, which is one of the most addictive physics-based iOS games I’ve come across, has just been bumped to version 2.0. In its initial state, Gluddle is already a fantastic physics puzzler. But now, in its updated version, the game is even more so.”
— AppAdvice

A property of Gluddle is the innovative use of sound in the game. It uses an adaptive music system that not only responds to what is happening in the game, but even controls part of the gameplay. Many events, such as the flashing of the Supervision, are timed to the beat of the music. This creates a musical flow that immerses the player in the game and allows for special tactics to be used, if the player pays a close ear.

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Immersive Gaming 2.0 – Immersive Sound 0.2

One of the things I teach my students is ‘educating’ game developers about the importance of audio. All game developers know audio is important, but still it’s easy to get carried away with those sweet visuals…and that’s the moment when the audio designer should drop in and say: “aren’t we forgetting something?”

At the GDC I stumbled upon this exhibition booth showing a truly impressive gaming platform with five combined screens offering a new standard in immersive gaming! But when looking at the tiny Radioshack speakers on the ground, I would have wished some interference of an audio designer here. 😀

Immersive Gaming 2.0 - Immersive Sound 0.2

Demonstration at the GDC Expo – click for enlargement

Alternative History of Game Music

At the Utrecht School of the Arts, we’re currently engaged in a research project in which the design processes of game composition are investigated. More about that later…in the meantime, have a look at this alternative representation of the history of game music! [thanks Yme!]

GDC 2012 audio report by Sander Huiberts – Utrecht School of the Arts

GDC 2012 logoOn behalf of the Utrecht School of the Arts – School of Music & Technology I visited the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2012 audio tracks. For colleagues and peers, I’ve made an overview that can be found below.

Utrecht School of the Arts - School of Sound & Music - Muziektechnologie - Creative Design Practices


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Music Games Rock – Rhythm Gaming’s Greatest Hits of All Time

book about music games

book about music games

Today I learned about the existence of a book dedicated to music games – Music Games Rock – by Scott Steinberg. Read this teaser:

Chronicling the meteoric rise and fall (and rise again) of music video games, Music Games Rock: Rhythm Gaming’s Greatest Hits of All Time is the first book to explore the field’s history, origins and most spectacular hits and flops. Offering an inside look at rhythm gaming’s hottest headliners and oddest one-hit wonders – including exclusive tour stories from the creators of Guitar Hero and Rock Band – it’s your backstage pass behind the scenes of the games industry’s hottest act.

It seems to be a great overview of the music games that have been published so far. And you know what? It can be downloaded for free here!
[thanks, Jaap! :)]

Gluddle for iPad and iPhone!

This is the game I’ve been working on after becoming a Doctor! It’s Gluddle by Creative Heroes (Richard van Tol and yours truly) and it’s absurdistic and we’ve done some things differently with audio.
More on
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Listen – Improving the Cooperation between Game Designers and Audio Designers

Guitar Heroes - by SNDR

Guitar Heroes – by SNDR

In the design research investigation Listen! the multi-disciplinary collaboration between game design and audio design students is researched. The research focuses on gathering more insight in the creative design process of game audio and presents general recommendations and pitfalls for the development of game audio.

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IEZA-framework at Wikipedia

Richard and I have added the IEZA framework for game audio on Wikipedia. This way everyone who uses IEZA can contribute to the further development of this framework and add his or her insights.

IEZA framework can be used to conceptualise the communication by means of game audio

IEZA framework can be used to conceptualise the communication by means of game audio

The URL is:

[Dutch] Control Magazine

The Dutch Control Magazine has published 6 interesting items on game music. The articles have also been published on the Control Magazine website. The articles have been written in Dutch, but perhaps Google Translate can help you understand the articles. For your convenience, there’s a [T] after the links leading you to an English translation.

  1. Het bijzondere verhaal achter de prachtige menu-muziek van Killzone 3 [T]
  2. Mooie gamesmuziek: mag dat? [T]
  3. Lost in translation: begrijpen developers en componisten elkaar wel? [T]
  4. Interactieve gamesmuziek: de adaptieve oplossing [T]
  5. Vier initiatieven en events over gamesmuziek [T]
  6. Beluister 5 unieke, muzikale pitches [T]

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