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Live Indie Game Concert in The Netherlands

Last Saturday I visited the Live Indie Game Concert organised by DutchGameMusic. A world first! The following tracks were performed by LUDWIG:
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Alternative History of Game Music

At the Utrecht School of the Arts, we’re currently engaged in a research project in which the design processes of game composition are investigated. More about that later…in the meantime, have a look at this alternative representation of the history of game music! [thanks Yme!]

IEZA-framework at Wikipedia

Richard and I have added the IEZA framework for game audio on Wikipedia. This way everyone who uses IEZA can contribute to the further development of this framework and add his or her insights.

IEZA framework can be used to conceptualise the communication by means of game audio

IEZA framework can be used to conceptualise the communication by means of game audio

The URL is:

Best game sound

Now that we’re in the voting mood…have a look at an AnswerGarden that was added to the Pretty Ugly Gamesound Study. Do you agree with the votes in the garden or do you want to suggest some other games?

Best game sound ever… at AnswerGarden.ch.

PrettyUglyGameSoundStudy (PUGS)

PrettyUglyGameSoundStudy (or PUGS) is an experiment to gather as many examples of audio in games that people consider either to be ‘good’ (or ‘pretty’) and ‘bad’ (or ‘ugly’). On one hand we wish to get a better understanding of game audio that people consider to work well in games and on the other we would like to get an overview of (typical) game audio blunders, from which the field can benefit. We hope that eventually this archive can grow out to be an inspiration (as well as the occasional good laugh) for those working in the field of game audio.

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Popmuziek in games (Dutch post)

Dit is een artikel dat Richard van Tol en ik geschreven hebben voor het symposium eTonaal, dat gehouden werd op 27  juni, 2006. De sprekers discussieerden over muziek en nieuwe media. Mijn lezing ging over de voordelen en eigenschappen van popmuziek in games, terwijl de lezing van Kees Went ging over de nadelen van het gebruik van popmuziek in games. Het artikel dat Richard en ik schreven ging over zowel de voor- als de nadelen. Het is hieronder gearchiveerd, klik op de link hieronder om het te lezen op het mediaplatform Cut-Up.

[Lees het artikel op Cut-up.com]

[Download als PDF]

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