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The Game Pulse – Timing Game Events and Music Events [PDF]

Here’s a pointer to a paper in which we examine how to design nonlinear music systems that allow for music events to coincide and correspond with dynamically changing game events. We address the challenges of connecting nonlinear music systems to gameplay and distinguish three approaches for timing time music events and game events: Trail, Sync and Lead. We explore these three approaches in the design case study Gluddle versus The Supervision, a game created by the authors. Our preliminary findings illustrate the benefits of combining Trail, Sync and Lead, positively influencing the game experience, but also the need for extra attention to gameplay balance and technical implementation.

Download The Game Pulse – Timing Game Events and Music Events

By Richard van Tol and Sander Huiberts – Proceedings Innovation In Music 2013. Innovation In Music 2013. Edited by R. Hepworth-Sawyer, J.Hodgson, R. Toulson & J.L. Paterson. ISBN 978-0-9561516-8-1

Music Games Rock – Rhythm Gaming’s Greatest Hits of All Time

book about music games

book about music games

Today I learned about the existence of a book dedicated to music games – Music Games Rock – by Scott Steinberg. Read this teaser:

Chronicling the meteoric rise and fall (and rise again) of music video games, Music Games Rock: Rhythm Gaming’s Greatest Hits of All Time is the first book to explore the field’s history, origins and most spectacular hits and flops. Offering an inside look at rhythm gaming’s hottest headliners and oddest one-hit wonders – including exclusive tour stories from the creators of Guitar Hero and Rock Band – it’s your backstage pass behind the scenes of the games industry’s hottest act.

It seems to be a great overview of the music games that have been published so far. And you know what? It can be downloaded for free here!
[thanks, Jaap! :)]