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The Sound of How to Train Your Dragon 2

It’s always great watching videos about the process of creating sound in a production and thoughts behind sound design. Here’s some background information about sound in How to Train Your Dragon 2.

“I always say that before you can design great sound for a movie, the movie has to be designed for sound…” – Randy Thom

[via Nola].

Make a red hot nickel ball sing

Wow, speaking of captivating sounds! Apparently, due to the ‘leidenfrost effect’ a hot metal ball immersed in water will make the sound in the video.

(Dutch) Vacature Docent Sound Design voor Games

For your information, a job offer in NL for Sound Design for Games. More below the line…in Dutch!

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Music videos without music: GANGNAM STYLE

Last week, one of our students showed us this video in the meme-tradition of music videos without music. In the video visual events are expressed with audio, while the original music has been omitted. It’s┬ábrilliantly┬ádone as the sounds make almost every scene bizarre as well as hilarious. In regular music videos you don’t hear what you see, and you don’t necessarily see what you hear. In this one, you do.
Love it.

Cool field recording examples

A very cool example of field recording of remarkable sounds from real objects. By Jean-Edouard Miclot.

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