[Dutch] Control Magazine

The Dutch Control Magazine has published 6 interesting items on game music. The articles have also been published on the Control Magazine website. The articles have been written in Dutch, but perhaps Google Translate can help you understand the articles. For your convenience, there’s a [T] after the links leading you to an English translation.

  1. Het bijzondere verhaal achter de prachtige menu-muziek van Killzone 3 [T]
  2. Mooie gamesmuziek: mag dat? [T]
  3. Lost in translation: begrijpen developers en componisten elkaar wel? [T]
  4. Interactieve gamesmuziek: de adaptieve oplossing [T]
  5. Vier initiatieven en events over gamesmuziek [T]
  6. Beluister 5 unieke, muzikale pitches [T]

What it’s about:

  1. The remarkable story behind the beautiful menu music in Killzone 3. Composer Joris de Man about the music in Killzone 3. [T]
  2. Beautiful game music: is that allowed? Discussion about whether game music should be ‘beautiful’. [T]
  3. Lost in translation: do developers and composers understand each other? [T]
  4. Interactive game music: the adaptive solution. Using adaptive music in games. [T]
  5. Four initiatives and events about game music in the Netherlands. [T]
  6. Listen 5 unique musical pitches. Compare five tracks of the pitch for one game. [T]