Dutch lecturers give Boot Camp in Game Design: VietJam Game Jam in Vietnam

I just returned from the Vietjam! Game Jam – a game jam event we organised! We were on the Vietnam national television. Thanks everyone, it was so great!

Dutch Senior lecturers Sander Huiberts and Richard van Tol from the Utrecht School of the Arts, the Netherlands will work with a group of students of FPT-Arena Ho Chi Minh City from November 5-9 and FPT-Arena Hanoi from November 12-16 in a Game Design Boot Camp. Part of this Boot Camp, which is a combination of theory and practice, will be a 48 hours Game Jam.

The VietJam Game Jam – The Netherlands- Vietnam is a rapid design event in which teams of students develop playable games within the limited timeframe of 48 hours. In both cities FPT-Arena will be the Vietnamese partner institution, their university building and surrounding will be the inspiration for the games’ designs.

The main goal of the VietJam Game Jam is to explore and express the value of intercultural collaboration in combination with multidisciplinary design. Teams, composed of students from FPT Arena Hanoi and FPT Arena Ho Chi Minh City will each be an exciting mix of the disciplines available at each institution. The team will be supervised by a representative from the respected institution and by the two senior lecturers from the Utrecht School of the Arts. The two young lecturers have already established a name in the gaming world. Recently they have been nominated for the prestigious Control Industry Award for best Dutch game, for their game Gluddle.

The game prototypes, including a post-mortem, will be presented to a small crowd of invitees immediately after the 48 hour game jam, after which there is time for playing the games, drinks, relaxation and reflection.

The workshops will be organized in the context of the Open Academy Europe, an alliance of European Culture Institutes and Embassies to exchange ideas on cultural innovative topics. The Netherlands Embassy in Hanoi supports this years’ Dutch contribution to the Open Academy. Also in the context of Open Academy Europe, in cooperation with the Goethe Institute, German artist Christianne Baumgartner will perform a workshop for several days at the academies for Fine Arts in HCMC, Hue and Hanoi. Theme is the combination of traditional printing techniques with digital media.

Source: Netherlands diplomatic missions, Vietnam