Game audio resources to start with

There are some websites that provide links to articles, papers and other valuable resources that are useful to start with. The list below isn’t meant to be complete and is aimed at helping you to start with finding references. Useful suggestions are welcome at all times, preferably in a comment below.

Guitar player photo by puja
Guitar player photo by puja

General websites:

Publications by academics and designers:


Two topics on the gameaudio forum discussing new books:

Some more resources can be found in this article by West Latta: Demistifying sound design.

Two active discussion lists are:

And an extra pointer: Richard van Tol and I published an article about the IEZA framework on Gamasutra. This might be useful for designers to increase insight in the communication by means of game audio. Mentioning it here is not to promote ourselves, we found that this framework can help designers conceptualising and structuring their work. If the article valuable for you, the other frameworks that are listed in the first section of this article might. Visit: IEZA framework for game audio at Gamasutra.

IEZA is further discussed in my PhD-thesis on game audio and immersion. There you also find models and theory about game audio.