Gluddle Update Tickle Available Now!

Gluddle - Your Privacy is Our Business

We’re happy to announce the much anticipated update to Gluddle, now available on the Apple App Store. Features include Apple Game Center integration, a brand new high score and challenge system, achievements and full iPhone 5 and Pad Mini compatibility.

Listen to the Soundtrack, composed by yours truly:

In this action-puzzle game you aim and launch cute bouncy balls, the Gluddle, towards a totalitarian invasion called The Supervision, who loom down on the Gluddle in a continuous pursuit for order and control. The game’s standout feature is freezing Gluddle in flight, turning them into stationary Peggle-like pins in order to rebound other colorful Gluddle. Gluddle must be placed strategically to navigate each level’s challenges and free your forces from being dominated by the Supervision.

The game’s theme is not just a wink to George Orwell’s 1984. With Gluddle, originally inspired by concerns over connectivity imposition by companies such as Facebook and Google, the designers hope to raise a little more awareness for modern privacy issues. Players are intentionally given limited control over their individual Gluddle, whose real strength is in their number. Since the game launched in February 2012, players have voiced over 1.7 million of protesting Oi’s.

The 3.0 update (dubbed update “Tickle”) offers a new high score system that awards bonuses for Style (for example hitting multiple Bullseyes with one Gluddle) and use of Scenery (for example hitting BreakaBalls). The original Time Challenge Badge has been replaced with two additional Gluddle Challenge Badges that increase in difficulty and allow for more replayability. The high score system comes with Game Center integration and introduces four leaderboards and nine achievements.

Update “Tickle” also includes 13 new levels, 89 revamped classic levels, 5 new game objects and the debut of Lady Gluddle featuring Oi!-voice talent Alison Eales (winner of the “Angry Birds Squawk Contest”). Gluddle offers full iPad Mini and iPhone 5 support, meaning that the game will cover the full screen in the highest quality.

The new update is free to those who have already purchased Gluddle or as a limited time offer of $0.99 for new players.

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