GUI style for Tracktion 4 (colour scheme)

Tracktion 4 Editor Captivating Sound v1 color scheme
Tracktion 4 Editor Captivating Sound v1 color scheme

Some years ago, when Logic stopped supporting Windows users, I decided to go for the  Tracktion digital audio workstation software. After the software had been acquired by Mackie, updates started to become a rarity and after a while, there was no communication at all about the software by Mackie at all. It seemed to become abandonware but I kept using it, because it works fast and somehow stimulates a creative workflow as you’re not continuously changing screens and the routing flexibilities. Now after almost six years (!) of silence, the initiators have parted from Mackie, formed a new company and surprised me with the release of version 4. Just in time, as I was just about to consider a switch to Reaper…now let’s see if Tracktion can catch up with the other software out there!

In my opinion, the default look and polish of the GUI is a bit chaotic, but fortunately it can be tweaked. Here’s an attempt to squeeze the most out of it and get to something that looks more like a regular DAW…and doesn’t hurt your eyes too much. Maybe it appeals to you as well, so I’d like to share the template with you. It’s still new and fresh so after some use I might adjust some colours and update the style. Follow me on Twitter if you like for update announcements.

Update: this scheme is not compatible with Tracktion 5, but an updated scheme is now present as preset in the Tracktion 5.3.6 program.

[download Captivating Sound Tracktion 4 colour scheme v1.1] ([download-scheme1] downloads)