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  • Luister – Nederlands (alleen intern op HKU verspreiden!): link
  • Listen – Engels artikel: link
  • Improving communication with your sound designer: link


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Austin Wintory & Robin Hunicke – Samenwerken voor Journey (Indievelopment):

The video below, kindly sent to me by Tom, shows a panel discussion featured at Casual Connect Seattle (July 2012) about exactly this topic. I just love the word handshake in this context, as it’s spot on for the ideal collaboration. Might be a video just for you, dear Captivating Sound reader!

Communication between developer and external audio team has never been more important. This discussion will highlight the materials needed to properly execute a project, our process as audio designers, why it’s important for the developer to understand this, and how we can improve the audio experience. The panel features a cross-section of audio designers, all with a unique perspective on interfacing with the developer.

Respawn 2017 • Markus Schmidt: “Communiceer duidelijk met een componist”