Tug of Gore – iPad Party Game For 4 Players

Tug of Gore Promo

Today is the release date of Tug of Gore! In this hilarious tug-of-war-style party game up to 4 players simultaneously pull and stretch Gore, a slimy creature who crash landed on the wrong hungry-monster planet, towards the mouths of their DuDu-monsters. The first player to successfully feed their DuDu wins! Tapping a DuDu temporarily increases their tugging power. But beware – others can easily use this power too!

A standout feature of the game is that players are only allowed to touch the iPad with just one hand. The other hand may be used in whatever way the players see fit. They are given extra inspiration at the start of each new round by a small personal message such as “tug another player“ and “steal the iPad”.

This is the trailer, followed by player footage.

Tug of Gore originally was created in 48 hours during the 2013 Global Game Jam at location Hilversum (The Netherlands) where it was awarded third prize.

C’est free aujourd’hui, enjoy!

Tug of Gore
Tug of Gore

Tug of Gore is created by
– Saskia Freeke – http://sasj.nl/
– Sonja van Vuure – http://vuurig.wordpress.com/
– Sander Huiberts – http://gluddle.com/
– Richard van Tol – http://creativehero.es/
– Stefan Wijnker – http://stefander.nl/