Lecture at Festival of Games 2009


Saturday June 13. Richard van Tol and I will present developments in game music at the Music@Games Summit of the Utrecht Festival of Games. Attending this summit is free, but registration is required.

Music@Games: new developments in MultiMedia Music

The explosive growth of audiovisual culture in the last thirty years has meant an enormous development for the multimedia music genre. Music can’t be missed while watching television, or visiting theatres, movies, even museums, and of course, while playing videogames. How does the world of multimedia music work? How is it implemented and by whom? And what does adaptivity in music for games mean? Featuring interesting lectures, discussions and musical demonstrations Music@Games will reveal the connection between the music and games industry.

Music@Games is part of the program on June 13th at Ottone (map). There will also be a reception and the concert NLGD Play. The adres of Ottone is: Kromme Nieuwegracht 62, Utrecht.

NLGD Play is the perfect closing event of the Festival of Games 2009! Bring your friends and contacts to have a drink and experience the show. Make sure to register: in combination with Music@Games or directly for NLGD Play (free public event).

More information: musicatgames.nl

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