Oi! Gluddle 2.0 and Gluddle Lite Release – a game made by audio designers

Amsterdam, July 6, 2012 – Creative Heroes (Richard van Tol & Sander Huiberts) is happy to announce that the major 2.0 update to Gluddle and the free Lite version are available on the Apple Appstore.

“Gluddle, which is one of the most addictive physics-based iOS games I’ve come across, has just been bumped to version 2.0. In its initial state, Gluddle is already a fantastic physics puzzler. But now, in its updated version, the game is even more so.”
— AppAdvice

A property of Gluddle is the innovative use of sound in the game. It uses an adaptive music system that not only responds to what is happening in the game, but even controls part of the gameplay. Many events, such as the flashing of the Supervision, are timed to the beat of the music. This creates a musical flow that immerses the player in the game and allows for special tactics to be used, if the player pays a close ear.

Gluddle features 27,5 times more character sounds than the average Angry Bird character, meaning the game features a whopping 193 sound files just for the Gluddle characters alone!

The update is free to those who have already purchased Gluddle or as a limited time offer of $0.99 for new players. A free Lite version that includes 20 levels is now also available.

Go to Gluddle Lite in the App Store (20 Levels)
Go to Gluddle 2.0 in the App Store (89 Levels)
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