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This is the game I’ve been working on after becoming a Doctor! It’s Gluddle by Creative Heroes (Richard van Tol and yours truly) and it’s absurdistic and we’ve done some things differently with audio.
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AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS – February 15, 2012 – Amsterdam-based creation studio Creative Heroes proudly announces the release of Gluddle, an action-driven bouncy game for iPad and iPhone. In this independently developed game, players embody Gluddle, a colorful and chaotic colony of eye-equipped bouncy balls who joyfully bounce around and say ‘Oi’ a lot. Their world and privacy is invaded by a totalitarian power of evil eyes-in-the-sky… The Supervision!

Invasion of The Supervision

Players are to clear Supervision-invaded levels by bumping Gluddle against the spying mechanical eye balls (nicknamed “bullseyes”) afloat in the sky. The gameplay revolves around launching Gluddle and freezing them in mid-air, thus creating paths and boundaries for succeeding Gluddle to bounce upon. The Supervision fights back by taking snapshots that flash and freeze every Gluddle that comes near. There’s no limit to the amount of Gluddle that the player can launch but he or she is awarded colorful medals if the level is completed within a certain time limit or below a certain number of Gluddle.

The levels of Gluddle are intentionally designed to create short, casual play moments. Due to its openness and randomness the game has an accessible, toy-like character and can be played by players of all ages. Many actions and events, such as explosions and Supervision animations, are precisely synchronised to the tempo of the synthetic, adaptive polka-beat, creating a continuous flow throughout the game.

While the underlying themes of the game refer to topics such as today’s privacy problems and government control controversy, the main sentiment of the chaotic Gluddle and the orderly Supervision is really about loosening the reigns of life a little. To try and not be too serious and controlling, because it will freeze you up. Instead be colorful and cooperative, and let life take you to unexpected places. You will be amazed where you will end up!

Gluddle Intro Screenshot

About Creative Heroes

Gluddle is created by Richard van Tol and Sander Huiberts. Through their creation studio Creative Heroes (not a game studio) they initiate projects and develop concepts such as DiceForChange (a designer set of dice for your daily random acts of goodness, now available in in shops worldwide), AnswerGarden (a social opinion gathering tool for brainstorms, classrooms and workshops, now in use in classrooms worldwide), (the biggest online community website for blind gamers and sound-based games) and Earwurm (a website about sticking songs in other people’s heads) amongst other projects.

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