Tug of Gore

This weekend, I participated with four other great designers in the Global Game Jam 2013. We made an iPad gameĀ calledĀ Tug of Gore in less than 48 hours. The goal is to pull and stretch Gore against 3 other players.

Below you find the trailer. Video sound was done in 2 minutes…we were running out of time and the only way to finish the trailer in time was to take a microphone and press record!

Watch the full gameplay video:

And this is what the players see on the screen:

The game is made by Veggiedance in the Bubbletub:
– Saskia Freeke – http://sasj.nl
– Sonja van Vuure – http://vuurig.wordpress.com/
– Sander Huiberts – http://gluddle.com
– Richard van Tol – http://creativehero.es
– Stefan Wijnker – http://stefander.nl