Unity Audio Time Saver: changing import settings for multiple audio files

Edit: Unity5 supports changing multiple settings, so this post becomes obsolete!

Multiple-object editing not supported.
Multiple-object editing not supported. RSI!

Ever wondered why it’s not possible in Unity3d to change the sound settings of multiple sound assets at the same time? Unlike other importers, you get the “multiple-object editing not supported” notification if you try to do this.
Recently I came across this forum post outlaying a script that allows you to select various sound assets and apply the same setting for all selected files. So now you can toggle 100 sound files to 2d mode instead of 3d without mindlessly pressing that apply button 100 times!

A big hand to kiles for creating the initial script and kevork for the update suggestion. I changed the original script as kevork suggested so it doesn’t update files that don’t have to be changed and did the same for all other import settings. The complete script can be downloaded below. Put this in the Assets/Editor folder of your project (if it’s not present, create a folder named Editor yourself!), select multiple sound files and edit the properties with only one click. Time saver!

Changing Multiple Sound Settings in Unity!
Change everything at once. Plaudits!

[Download the complete script here]

[Download as package]
([download-unityscript1] downloads)

Put the script in a folder named Editor in Unity3d.
Place the script in a folder named Editor